They say that beauty comes from within and when it comes to our skin, the saying couldn’t be truer. Skin inflammation and acne are not just a topical issue, it stems from within. The ancient art of face mapping takes things to a whole new level. The technique is based on the theory that each part of your face is a window to a corresponding internal section of your body.

It’s been a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years, but only started going mainstream the past decade or so. It’s now rapidly taking center stage at spas and clinics across the world. It is believed that when illness starts, the energy will not flow smoothly, so features on the face, including shapes and colors, will also change.

Lets start with the forehead, if you breakout frequently in this area, it’s a reflection of your digestive system. Drinking more water, probiotics, and eating more whole foods might help you.

Middle of the forehead , this area is related to the stomach and liver. Congestion in this area can be related to over consumption of alcohol, greasy foods and even a lactose allergy.

Ears are related to the kidneys. If you notice this area is hot, you might be putting stress on your kidneys. Drink plenty of water, cut down on alcohol and caffeine.

The Eye Area and the window into the body’s health. The kidneys, stomach, liver and thyroid make up this area. Dark cycles while are hereditary, may also be a sign of dehydration or low iron. If you notice thinning near the end of your brows, you may want to get your thyroid checked. Too little thyroid hormone disrupts your hair growth cycle and puts too many follicles into “resting” mode, resulting in hair loss.

The Cheeks are a reflection of the respiratory system. They provide a glimpse into any respiratory distress. Smokers or people suffering from allergies generally experience fine, broken capillaries or congestion in this area.

The Nose area represents the heart. If you suffer from redness or breakouts in this area you’ll want to look at your blood pressure, circulation and salt intake. 

Mouth acne around the mouth or lip area may be caused by constipation, an excess of spicy or fried foods and a reaction to a certain toothpaste. An increased intake of fiber, fruits and vegetables can help ease breakouts in this area.

The Chin & Jaw areas tend to be very hormonal. Breakouts here usually occur during menstruation.

As always, you should keep up with a regular skincare routine but just keep in mind that some of those breakouts can be treated from the inside out.

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